AltMedASA Franchise Opportunity

The Franchise will be rolled out in phases. you can benefit from all of the phases.

AltMedASA Franchise Phase One, Available Now

We launch with the Franchise been given out for free, for an unspecified amount of time. At any time after launching, we may decide that there should be an initial Franchise fee. An initial franchise fee will only be applicable to new franchise agreements. If you already have a franchise agreement in place, then you don't have to pay the initial fee. So get in now. enquire about your franchise as soon as possible, to make sure that you get it for free. Phase one will give you the ability to sell memberships or subscriptions for AltMedASA. Training courses will also be available to sell. You make 50% profit on all subscriptions and renewals, and a smaller percentage on the training courses. If you are interested, then you can contact for more details. If you are accepted as a Franchisee, then we will send you the Franchise Contract to sign. Upon signing, you will receive training, the training can be in person or over a zoom session. During your training you will be presented with the Operations Manual, and shown how to use it to make a success of your new business. You will have the franchise for 12 months from the date of signing. After 12 months, you will have to renew the franchise for another period of time. The Phase one franchise does not require a storefront.

AltMedASA Shop, Franchise Phase Two, Available in the Future

There will be start up costs with this phase, because you will need to set up a storefront. However the Store Front can be an online storefront, it does not need to be a physical storefront. You will need to carry a certain amount of stock, and this is where the costs come in. You can make much more money from a Phase two franhise, when we roll it out, because you will be selling memberships / subscriptions and training courses, as well as traditional and natural health products. A shop or store where people can walk in and buy off the shelf or over the counter would of course work best.

AltMedASA Clinic, Franchise Phase Three, Available in the Future

This type of franchise will require a physical storefront. It will consist of an AltMedASA shop, plus an integrative AltMedASA clinic. The AltMedASA Shop, will also perform the function of the reception for the clinic. You can optionally add the AltMedASA water filtration franchise (planned for the future, because filtered water is healthy), plus the AltMedASA Coffee and Muffins franchise (also planned for the future, because coffee made with filtered water is awesome). If you have the AltMedASA Shop, Plus the AltMedASA clinic, plus water filtration and coffee, then you can understand that such a franchise business, will cost quite a bit, to set up. However such a franchise will be profitable, affordable and we hope one of the best Franchises to invest in.

AltMedASA Franchise Flexibility

Phase one (AltMedASA Franchise) is available now, and sometime in the future phase two (AltMedASA Shop), and phase three (AltMedASA Clinic, with optional water and coffee franchises), will become available, after phase two has become available. You will always have the option of running an AltMedASA Franchise, or the AltMedASA Shop Franchise, or the AltMedASA clinic franchise, or creating a combination of the business elements that you would like to have, in your specific AltMedASA Franchise.