AltMedASA Membership Types

Time-honoured Holistic Healer (Th)

    Before you fill in the form below, you must decide which membership level you would like to join as. The Ordinary or free membership level carries no subscription, but the higher membership levels have more privileges, and carry's a subscription. The Once-off lifetime memberships carry's no subscription, once the initial amount has been paid.

    Free Membership - Time-honoured Holistic Healer.

    Th Entry Level R0 $0 (Royal title - HC Knave)

    His/Her Craft (HC)

    Example: HC Knave Peter Parker Th OR: Peter Parker Th

    Yearly subscription Memberships - Time-honoured Holistic Healer.

    ATh Associate R300 $20 (Royal title - HMC Yeoman)

    LTh Licentiate R450 $30 (Royal title - HMC Beefeater)

    FTh Fellowship R600 $40 (Royal title - HMC Gentleman/Lady)

    MTh Master R750 / $50 (Royal title - HMC Squire)

    STh Specialist R900 / $60 (Royal title - HL Knight/Dame)

    PTh Philosopher R1800 / $120 (Royal title - HL Lieutenant)

    His/Her Master Craft (HMC)

    His/Her Lordship (HL)

    Example: HMC Gentleman Peter Parker FTh OR: Peter Parker FTh

    Once-off Lifetime Royal Title Memberships - Time-honoured Holistic Healer.

    BrTh Baron/ess R10,000 / $667 (HE Baron/Baroness Time-honoured Holistic Healer)

    VTh Viscount/ess R35,000 / $2,333 (HE Viscount/Viscountess Time-honoured Holistic Healer)

    ETh Earl/Countess R100,000 / $6,667 (HH Earl/Countess Time-honoured Holistic Healer)

    MqTh Marquess/Marchioness R350,000 / $23,333 (HH Marquess/Marchioness Time-honoured Holistic Healer)

    DTh Duke/Duchess R1,000,000 / $66,667 (HRH Duke/Duchess Time-honoured Holistic Healer)

    PrTh Prince/ss R3,500,000 / $233,333 (HRH Prince/Princess Time-honoured Holistic Healer)

    KTh King/Queen R10,000,000 / $666,667 (HRH King/Queen Time-honoured Holistic Healer)

    His/Her Excellency (HE)

    His/Her Highness (HH)

    His/Her Royal Highness (HRH)

    Example: HE Baron Peter Parker BrTh OR: Peter Parker BrTh OR: Baron Parker

    AltMedASA Membership Application

    Download the AltMedASA application form for Practitioners below.

    AltmedASA Membership Application (.pdf)

    AltmedASA Membership Application (.docx)